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Monthly blog updates from Repotorial weddings highlighting wedding photographs, photoshoots and more all based on the work of Repotorial - Luxury Wedding Photography based in Devon, UK.

Repotorial - The Introduction

Here we go, in previous sites and blogs I have always struggled to keep a blog regularly updated but with the launch of Repotorial (the result of many years in the making) I am determined to have at least one post per month based around either real weddings, wedding shoots and also advice and insights into the wedding photography business.

Having run a successful and well respected wedding photography business since the early noughties, this new venture is not so much a change of direction but a consolidation of the 15 years of experience and learning and merging with my understanding that I now feel comfortable and correct in offering my skill without compromise for my art.



On the few pages of my site, you’ll find an explanation of what Repotorial is, who i am and what I offer. What I haven’t gone into nauseating detail on is how I approach creating what I do, what drove me to rebrand and relaunch and what my limitations and non compromises are. For that blog posts will follow with a planned minimum of 1 post per month covering the above, weddings, photoshoots (wedding and also model based fashion shoots) as well as advice and guidance for new photographers looking to start within the wedding photography field.

If you’ve found your way here and are planning a wedding and seeking something a little left field, creative and unique you’re in the right place - I take my guidance a lot from the energy and dynamic of the Bride and Groom which in the past has included: smoke bombs, huge drapes of fabric billowing in the wind, coloured powder (think wedding colour run), drone/aerial capture and rallying in dress and morning suits!

I am Devon based but regularly travel across the UK and am looking to build on my limited international weddings, and just love to work with like minded people who share my love of having a relaxed and fun wedding, creating some beautiful art as well as documenting the highs of the big day so for years to come there is a story to be told in the photos. If you share that mindset lets get creative! Over the years I’ve shot everything and everyone from Military to Movie Stars to Paramedics and they’ve all shared my love and approach to what I do.

Good luck planning and I hope we’ll be working together and becoming friends as we do over the months and years to come.....