Why Pick Me? How Much, What you get and more

How much, what do I get and what do you offer? Services and pricing for Repotorial Weddings. Wedding photography packages are explained.


The most common question I get asked at early stages of a couple planning their wedding - what packages do you offer?

Quite simply, I don’t offer any packages.

Why not? For a number of reasons but in my experience both people and weddings don’t fit into a neatly assigned compartment - we’re all unique and as such every wedding is always different, so is my photography so I don’t offer ste packages as I refuse to be constrained with specific “requirements,” I just want to work with you to understand your personality and from there work as I do creating what I hope will always be a magical set of memories from your big day.

What You Get

Ok, so no packages - is there anything I can guarantee from your day? Of course, for my documentary style I will always try to use natural light wherever possible, it’s gentle, flattering and allows me to be unobtrusive as I shoot. With the more editorial style that can be either natural light or flash to provide the best results for those special shots.

I like to work from the bridal prep in the morning through to the evening celebrations, grabbing some down time as you and your guests enjoy the wedding breakfast, and pride myself and being able to adapt as I work as weather in particular can always make things more interesting (if the forecast isn’t looking good....lets break out the wellies and brollies!).

The wedding day always flies by so it’s a case of having that rapport with the Bride and Groom to be so we can work quickly and allow you to spend time with your guests - creating my art does need a dedication of time on the wedding day. I’m not a formals photographer and any time spent on these takes me away from what I’m best at: Reportage captures and those intimate bridal portraits.

And after the wedding? You’ll have a password protected online gallery containing either low (online suitable) or high (print suitable) resolution images and a USB containing the edited images (a mix of colour and black and white) provided in a presentation box.

You’ll also find you will have chosen a photographer who loves to have fun, enjoy the day and is highly skilled at putting nervous and stressed brides, grooms and guests at ease - or so I’m told.

How Much?

Probably the second question asked after what packages are offered, I won’t insult people by going into nauseating detail about why a good photographer is worth their money, all I’ll say is that I want to work with people who like my approach and my style and in return you’re collaborating with someone who is in love with what I do, have the experience to deal with any eventuality and will provide you with images you will cherish for years to come. Like many other photographers out there I honestly feel that photography (if important to you) is a true investment in your meticulously planned and funded wedding day.

Depending on any special requests my fee for the above services start at £1950.

Please note, I carry full public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

I am Devon based and travel both UK wide and internationally